2013 Koch Enamel Powder Paint Line

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2013 Koch Enamel Powder Paint Line


Koch Enamel Powder Paint Line--Cooktops


ModelEnamel Powder Paint Line

Additional Features

Production Data:
 System Operation: 8.0 hours per shift, two (2) shifts per day, 240 days per
 Production Rate: 450 hangers per hour
 Hanger weight: 20 LBS
 Maximum Production Weight: 60 lbs per hanger
 Design Production: 72,000 lbs per hour incl. hanger (36,000 lbs. per hour,
per stream)
 Product Envelope: 2’-6” long (with travel) x 2’-6” wide x 6’-2” high
 Conveyor Speed: 30 FPM (Variable 25 to 35)
 Product Centers: 4’-0”
4 Stage Wash Line
Blow Off
Dry-Off Oven (S3 & S4)
2.3.1. Elevated Convection Oven with bottom entry/exit design
2.3.2. Dimensions: 100’-0” long x 31’-0” wide x 14’-2” high
Cooling Tunnel
Environmentally Controlled Coating Room for S3 (S4 shared with S1 & S2)
2.5.1. Room Dimensions: 58’-8”wide x 228’-0” long x 20’-0” high (inside)
Material Handling System with Product Hangers, per Stream
2.7.1. Overhead #X-458 chain monorail system;
2.7.2. S3-2,250 feet in chain length
2.7.3. S4-2,130 feet in chain length
2.7.4. Design speed of 30 FPM; variable from control panel with variable speed
drive(s); two (2) 5 HP floating frame drive units each with 3,000 pound pull
KochSmart® Control System
2.8.1. Allen Bradley ControLogix processor platforms