2011 BLM Adige LT8 CNC Tube Laser w/ Load & Unload

No longer available

2011 BLM Adige LT8 CNC Tube Laser w/ Load & Unload


Laser loaded with practically every option they offered, used in job shop setting, not used in production. 

Some weeks it only ran a couple hours total, the first eight years of ownership was rarely used, and kept clean.


ManufacturerBLM Adige
ModelLT8 CNC Tube Laser w/ Load & Unload
Laser Source3500 Watt Rofin CO2
Cutting HeadBLM 45 Degree Tilt Cutting Head
LoaderBundle / Rear
Minimum Loading Height8'
Maximum Loading Length28'
Bundle Loading Capacity11k Lbs
Unloading Length21' 3" Front Unloads Parts Conveyor to 19" Long
UnloadFront, Back, and Conveyor (front/back)
Diameter Round0.5" - 8.65"
Diameter Square & Rectangle0.5" - 8"
Maximum Weight27 Lbs per Foot

Additional Features

Minimum bar load length for automatic loading, 8.2' rear automatic bundle loader / front single bar manual loader (can be modified / unloaded through rear door)
Two Scrap Conveyors

Equipped With:
Siemens control
Able to cut tubes, angle iron, channel and flat bar
3D Tilt Head for cutting complex parts and beveling/angle cuts right on the machine
Weld Seam Detection
High speed piercing/Booster Pulse
Tube Twist & Bow Correction
Rofin 3.5kw CO2 Resonator Dust Collector

New/Replaced Parts List:
12-28-2020 Magnet Encoder $496.55
06-23-2021 Tilting Head $22,545.70
09-07-2021 Bundle Loader Pushers $401.84
01-20-2022 Clutch Assembly $721.75
02-23-2022 Complete Lunette $30,681.41
10-06-2022 Main Hydraulic Unit $10,995.58