DMD 5-Axis Direct Metal Deposition Fiber Laser Machine


DMD 5-Axis Direct Metal Deposition Fiber Laser Machine


Direct Metal Deposition: DMD technology provides an innovative CAD-drive metal deposition method that integrates CAD, CAM industrial lasers, and powder metallurgy to create a unique “near net shape” deposition process. The high energy generated within a 1kW Diode laser, when combined with the injection of complex alloy powders into the laser beam, creates the basis for the deposition of the molten weld pool onto a freestanding substrate forming a metallurgical bond while the DMD Closed Loop Sensors monitor the melt pool to maintain dimensional integrity. The benefit of this technology is its ability to deposit successive layers of metal onto the surfaces of complex components with the minimum of heat transfer, as well as the ability to mix metal to create unique alloys that not commercially available. The low heat input property of DMD is the most critical attribute of this technology that makes it attractive for turbine component repair as well as additive metal changes to production tooling surfaces.


ModelDMD 105D
Laser Output1 kW
Working Range 3DX = 12”, Y = 12”, Z = 12”, B = 0 - 90 Deg, C = +/- 360 Deg,
Working Range 2DX = 31.5”, Y = 31.5”, Z = 16.5”, B = 0 - 90 Deg, C = +/- 360 Deg
Table Load1,000 Lb Max

Additional Features

Closed Loop System

• Rapid prototyping - from Art to Part
• Tooling restoration
• Gas turbine component repair
• Military applications
• Hardfacing
• Rotary seal and shaft repairs